Board of Directors

    Board of Directors

    Photo of 2017 CBA BoD taken on Cordova Bay Day 2017 (Missing are David Kuprowsky and Mary Lynn Reimer)

    CBA BoD 2020/2021

    Alex Izett –

    1st Vice-President and Website Administration :
    Gloria Wills –

    2nd Vice-President and SCAN Representative:
    David Kuprowsky –

    Barb Lucas –

    Keith Anderson –

    Planning Co-Chair:
    Mike Giordano –

    Planning Co-Chair:
    Annie Djiotsa –

    Public Relations:
    Brock Nordman –

    Membership and Advertising Chair:
    Neil Swart –

    Transportation Chair:

    Events Chair:




Letters to the Editor
You are always welcome to write to the CBA board of directors if you have a question or comment relevant to Cordova Bay. One of the directors will be pleased to respond. Please contact us by e-mail: We look forward to hearing from you.

2020 Mayor’s Annual Address

See Saanich Mayor Fred Haynes’ Annual Address here.

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